A Word from the Executive Director

It is with great excitement that I welcome you all to the 2017 NC Fatherhood Conference – “Building the Future through the Lives of our Children.” This year, the Family Resource Center of South Atlantic continues to celebrate 20+ years of service to our community, and we are delighted to see this Conference grow across this great state of North Carolina – reaching the foothills of the Black Mountain to the sandy barrier islands (Outer Banks). I am honored that you thought it nest to spend your time focusing on fatherhood – celebrating fatherhood – and purposely engaging in what I consider one of the most pressing issues facing our community.

Over the past year, I am grateful for the many experts who volunteered countless hours of their time to ensure that this year’s Conference represents the best thinking in the country. They brainstormed with us, contacted their colleagues on our behalf and as a result of their hard work, we offer you exceptional opening and closing sessions and outstanding workshops. So when you see a person wearing a purple lanyard with the Family Resource Center written on it, give them “two thumbs up” or simply say “good job” because they have invested a great deal of their own personal time and energy towards ensuring a successful Conference.

Throughout the day, it is my hope that you will hear something that you didn’t know and meet somebody you plan to connect with soon. If that happens, then attending the Conference was well worth your time and investment.

You are now equipped and empowered with the necessary tools to enrich the lives of your families and your communities!

Warm Regards,

Kimberely M. Best, Executive Director
Family Resource Center South Atlantic